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Installation of Scribus 1.5.5

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--- Quote from: ajoeiam on November 23, 2019, 06:56:57 pm ---if it allows me to do some things that I would like to do with pdfs

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Scribus is not a PDF editor.

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Thanks - - - - that wasn't the question I was asking - -

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I just wanted to clarify what seems to be a common misconception about Scribus, it would not be the first time someone would have wanted to use it to edit PDFs.

If you are running Debian, it is usually best to install from the repository:

By installing scribus-ng you will get 1.5.5.

hi ajoeiam

so, yes, in your case using an appimage is probably the best choice.

if you're ready to install ubuntu (in a virtual environment) there is also a PPA.

i personally prefer appimages to flatpaks, but a flatpak is not a bad idea either.

and compiling scribus is of course an option... not the simplest one but the best : - )
i have a compilation how-to that should be rather easy to follow if you can use the terminal.
but i need to test it again on a clean debian, since there were a few important changes.

finally, concerning what what nermander wrote (not the pdf part, where i completely agree with him):
i'm not aware of a way to add scribus-ng to debian... except for experimental...
so, i don't consider it as available for the masses...

Thank you for the information.

I looked to see if I could find a marked for 'problem solved' but could not.

Thanks for the assistance.


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