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Hi everyone,
I produce a monthly newsletter in Scribus which I export to a .pdf file for distribution.

In October the file size was 4 372 KB for 14 pages with quite a lot of .jpg images (all reduced in size by exporting within Picasa).

I am now close to finishing the November edition which is 15 pages, again with .jpg images. To my horror the .pdf file size is 14 311 KB. I checked by exporting each individual page and found one which was 4 311 KB! I looked at the page which had 6 images on it and added each image together and arrived at a value of 649 KB!

Clearly, I am doing something wrong, but I need your help to sort the problem out.
Ideally I need the total file size to be around the 5 000 KB mark as it is emailed to lots of people who still have restrictions on post box size.

Thanks for any help.
Chris Edwards


check max and minimum images(forgot which was there) size in pdf export and pdf dpi setting for print, are you set to web/screen or print?


if the images are already optimzied, you can try to avoid that scribus recalculates the images by compressing them when exporting to pdf.

if you  want more help, i think that you'll need to share your document, collected for output and with everything (images and fonts included) zipped.

ah, and in this case, the scribus version might matter: which version of scribus are you using?



Thank you both for your help.

1.) I set the limit on image size to 200 dpi
2.) I used the Lossy - JPEG method of compression

result was my .pdf file reduced to 3 771 KB!
My version of Scribus is 1.4.8
Cheers from South Africa