Why do wingdings appear weird in Scribus?

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On a PC, the letter "n" in wingdings is a solid black square. In Scribus, the exact same wingdings character appears as a hollow square with a reddish outline.

Can anyone speak to what's happening here, and how to get the wingding to display properly?

"Outline" isn't selected.

Thank you!


i don't have windings and i can't test.

but i suppose that windings does not have a "n" and that's why you get a square.

scribus shows invalid characters with a red outline and print them as spaces.

other programs print them as rectangles.

... and yes, we had already had a user complaining that she wasn't getting her checkboxes in the pdf...
... and, yes, probably, windings does have checkboxes. but it's not those rectangles : - )


Its working fine on windows 10 for me.
Can you try it on another machine?

Attached image.

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I think I could but the other machine is often used (or sat in front of  :-[ ) by other people.

I'll give it a try if the moment arises.


I would say that generally Scribus handles fonts right, and many Windows programs don't.

My guess is that it is a code issue. Scribus is likely using unicode, which means it shows the glyph that should be n (but the font does not contain it).