1.5.6 import: page import losses

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page import loses the link from one page to the next.

The master page identity is lost and the appropriate master page is not imported

The paragraph identity is lost and not imported.

In both cases, the page does not use an identically named present identity.

I believe that "import page" should work like "more page".

import import master page will only allow a single import.  When you have 30+ items that is panifully long to accomplish.  Should allow importation of more than one at a time.

The link to imported images did import.

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hi tolonaro,

i'm a bit scared of importing the master pages while importing the pages...

would this proposal suite you?

- enable the import multiple master pages at a time.
  conflicting name get a numeric index ("Default (2)").
- add an option to the import of the pages to apply MP with the same name as in the original document

i have to check, but this might be easy to implement...


p.s.: i had a few issues parsing your post... i hope i understood it correctly...


Yes, that would work.

Similar for Styles, paragraph styles.  I think they should automatically take MP or paragraph styles of the same name.

The other problem was linking.  successive pages had text links between the pages.  These links were broken after the importing.  I did import the pages as a unit so they could presumable detect and maintain that link.  Yes I can restablish the link, but again the reason for importing pages is save time and that means redoing a processs.

But yes, thanks.



so we already have

- Import multiple master pages (https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8115) ... i can have a look at it
- Master Pages don't respect linked text frames (https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8602)
- Import pages with linked text frames will break the link across pages (https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8056)

and now we have one new issue:

- apply master page to pages with a given master page (https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=15939)

i will try to work on this:

- allowing the import of multiple master pages should be easy.
- being able to replace master pages should also be doable.
- for the text chains, there is already a patch, but from a quick review, it does not look really good... and it's probably not trivial to find a good solution.

luckily, most people are lazy and just duplicate the sla file and get all the masterpages and pages inside of them, ready to be tweaked : - )


looks good. thanks

Related desire:  On a document with 2 facing pages, I would like to copy 2 pages at a time to extend the pages needed with a given set of inputs (images, texts, etc.  Right now I can copy one but it will be either left or right.  I don't want 10 left pages, etc.

"Luckily, most people are lazy and just duplicate the sla file"I can see if I set up all the master pages initially (and paragraph types) that would work.  Trouble is many times, I don't know what I need until I'm in the daughter file.  I guess the solution there is to make needed changes and then go back to the mother file and make the changes there (easy since I now know what needs to be done.}  thanks.


1. importing mulitiple master pages at a time is in.
    if you're on linux, you can get the latest Appimage with it and test it.
    if you're on ubuntu, you can get the latest PPA
    if you're on otherwise, you'll need to wait for the next .dmg or .exe to show up in the snapshots directories

2. is this what you want for copying pages?
    if it's the case, you have that in any somehow recent 1.5.6svn snapshot (i don't think it's in 1.5.5)


Thanks.  Looking forward eagerly to the next snapshot. I have 50 or so master pages to import!
Thanks for listening - and then doing.