Use Python 3 instead Python 2 - external path

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How can I use Python 3 instead of Python 2 (discontinued) on Python?
I'd like to configure the Python 3 directory instead of the built-in installation. So I could update my Python to a newer version and no depend on a static version.
The image illustrate the idea.

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Python 3 is at the moment not supported by any Scribus release. Due to differences between Python 2 and 3 APIs, it is not possible to switch to Python 3 when Scribus has been compiled with Python 2. Python 3 support will be introduced with Scribus 1.5.6.


I use Scribus 1.5.6. How can I use Python 3 (build in)? I installed the last version of Python 3. How can I use it?
My suggestion is to next release (1.6 maybe). The user could set internal Python 3 or set a external path (e.g. C:\Python3; /lib/python3...).
This alternative could be good because you did not need a new release for new Python releases (by security patch, for example). The user (as me) can update Python from their page and ready.