Suggestion: link the texts to their source (such as pictures)

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It would be interesting to develop an option to link the texts to their source file, so that they are modified at the same time. This option would be similar to image processing, which is automatically updated if modified by a third-part application.

Suggestion : lier les textes à leur source (comme les images)
Il serait intéressant de développer une option pour lier les textes à leur fichier source, afin qu'ils soient modifiés en même temps.Cette option ressemblerait au traitement des images, qui sont mises à jour automatiquement en cas de modification par une application tiers.


this is not as easy as it sounds.

images are linked as is in the frame and only very "general" formatting can be applied to them in scribus.

for the text, you often do very fine changes, sometimes with formatting that are not supported in the external application that has created the text.

of course, the feature would be very welcome, and optionally storing the text as external html + css would be a first step.
the first big challenge: finding a library that parses css in an adequate way.

not something easy, but if somebody volunteers to work on it, we will not stop her!


Wouldn't it be possible to use a variant of render frames for this? But really just render text from an external source?

Then you would of course not be able to format it a lot in Scribus, but that would also mean you got rid of that problem.


of course, you  can do that now with latex render frames.

you can also produce PDFs from libreoffice and include them in image frames in scribus.

you can also produce PDFs from the render frames from any format, if you find a command line tool that can do the conversion to PDF (and pandoc can do a lot!)

i doubt that his is what the OP was asking for, but yes, there are indeed ways to achieve this.


Thank you for your answers !
May I suggest you, in the epub project, to take care off the caracters styles (italic, sup...) and not only the paragraph styles (Heading1, Heading2, quotation...). It would be very helpful.

I can't help you for the code because I'm stupid in front of code, but I can test everything as a user.
It the the only way I can do something improve scribus.
Call me if necessary.