Accessing and Seeing Boxicons (opensource icons)

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Hi All,
I downloaded a resume template that uses a number of boxicons.  I would like to use other icons on my document but I do not understant how to access them, i.e., see them and insert them into the document.  Any help would be very much appreciated.

Scribus 1.5 on Ubuntu

Boxicons can be accessed here:

Wayne ;D


on the boxicon just click on the one you want then right click and save as, in Scribus I think its right click on the image you want to replace and select content then Get Image and then just select the new one, make sure it stays in a same folder (best where you save the document)


Thanks for the reply.  I failed to mention in my original post that Boxicons are used as a font in scribus.  In the template I download the fonts are part of the template.  I see the boxicon font in the font selection but the icons must be represented by some higher ASCII char set.  This is what the edit box looks like



I was searching for the answer to this too...  and I managed to figure it out:

In the Story Editor menu, click on "Insert" and then "Glyph"...  the Character Palette window will open. Click on the leftmost option: Show/Hide Enhanced Palette and the Enhanced Character Palette window will open. In the font selection option, choose "Boxicons - Regular" and the full character set for the boxicons font will appear. Choose the boxicon icon you would like to insert in your text by double clicking on it and it will appear in the Glyphs to insert panel. Then just click on "Insert" and the icon will be inserted into the Story Editor text. Don't worry if it appears as a set of horizontal lines in Story Editor...  in your actual document, the icon will be fully displayed.