Insted moving object freely, it snaps to some strange 1pt grid

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Hi everybody.

Maybe this thread will seem similar to this,490.0.html but I report it anyway.

I use Scribus 1.4.3 under Linux, specifically CentOS 6.5 with longterm kernel 3.10.27-1.el6.elrepoNONPAE.i686.

I magnify the document to some high zoom level (at the moment it is 1873% or so) and grab the object (specifically a text frame) by mouse and drag it, but it snaps to some invisible mysterious grid of 1 pt size, while both snapping to grid and snapping to guides is turned off.

In the attachment, there is an example of it. There can be seen the original and the new position of a text frame. When I release the object, it gets moved exactly by 1pt to the right and by 1pt downward, so it's new coordinates are 187.78pt, 399.42pt. As it can be seen, it is a fair 30 by 30 or so pixels away from the original position at this zoom. The reason why I did zoom to so high level was that I wanted to move the object very precisely, not by 1pt steps.

It can be moved by manually entering it's coordinates in the properties box. But not freely by the mose.

Is it a bug in Scribus, or I just misedd something in it's configuration?

I have another question concerning the attached screenshot. In the second (the lower) status bar, there is a gauge showing "100%". What does it mean? I tried to find some information on it, but I did not found anything.

Thanks a lot.

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Well, maybe the term "snaps to grid" is not the right one. Rather the freehand moving of object has a distance granularity of 1pt in both axes.

When I enter manually some new X coordinate for the object, say 190pt, it is positioned exactly at 190pt horizontally. Then, if I grab it and move it leftward, it follows the 1pt granularity of movements from that new position, and does not snap to the former 0.78pt X-coordinate, but moves to new integer positions: 189.00, 188.00, 187.00, ..etc.

So the term "snapping to grid" is incorrect, it is rather an unwanted granularity in freehand object movements.


I'm experience the same issue.
Scribus 1.4.8, Windows 10

I can position precisely only with the numeric control palette but not freehand using the move tool.


i don't know what to say...

indeed, when you select pt as your unit, moving around an item with the mouse has a precision of 1 pt.

now, i wonder why nobody has noticed this before...
yep, you have guessed it:

- pt is not the most common unit for page layout.
- if you want to align thing, you align them; you don't move them around with the mouse.

you seem to be in europe, so you should probably use mm as your unit (except if in your country cm is common for page layout... but you should probably use mm anyway : - )

on the other side, if you want to align things:

- you can define guides and use them for both items.
  (in the current 1.5 code you can even get the guides to snap to the existing item)
- use "window > align and distribute" to "glue" one item to the other.
- (for those on 1.5 you can enable the snapping to items).
- or even set the exact position by typing it in the properties palette.

what you are experiencing is probably a bug, but i see it as a beneficial one:
when you hit it, you will learn about how to better work with scribus...

and, damned, that old scribus is so ugly...