Formatting Tables

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Using 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 64 bit Windows 7

I have a table and want the table / cell borders to be blank so text is formatted in array (rows and columns).   In the Table properties, I cannot easily just select entire table and change line color to NONE.  It also seems like each cell is independent and no global function.

Also, is there a way to center the text each row?



tables in scribus are a work in progress.

if the layout is compatible with tabs, you should probably use tabs instead.

you should be able to remove use the "none" color, and -- at least theoretically -- apply it to the whole table... but it's always a big try and error before you get there.

if you really need tables, it's probably better to create them in libreoffice and import than as pdf or svg into scribus.

... but, in most cases, people prefer charts to tables : - )