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During the past weeks I reworked the CalendarWizard script for my own purposes and I want to share it. The resulting script generates a classic monthly calendar with many layout options. A manual which explains the menu items of the script is included in the zip download.

One of the options is to import a text file with the holidays for your country. You are free to post your local holidays files in this thread.

Please enjoy.

note: Unfortunately this script only works with Windows 10 and Scribus 1.5.5. I could not integrate the various codepages for the languages on an easy way in Linux. I am sorry for that.

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Monthly Calendar options:

1) You can choose between many (European) languages (default is English). You may add, change or delete entries in the localization list in the script. Please respect the python syntax.

2) You can choose a font from the list of fonts available on your system (default is set to Lato Bold, which is provided with my version of Scribus). Please check if all special characters for your language are available in the chosen font!

3) Calendar year and week starting day are to be given. Saturdays and Sundays will be printed in grey.

4) Option to show week numbers with (or without) a week numbers heading in your local language. Week numbers will be printed in grey.

5) Option to import holidays from a 'holiday.txt' file for your country. Holidays will be printed in red.

6) Select one or more months or the whole year.

7) You have the possibility to determine where on the page the calender month will be drawn with the offsets from top and / or left margin. Option to draw an empty image frame within the top and / or left 'offset' area and to get an 'inner' margin between this frame and the calendar grid.

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Version 2 of the Monthly Calendar script.

- now works also in Linux.
- added option to draw moon phase symbols.
- added option draw mini calendars for previous and next months in the calendar month heading.

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very cool, thanks

Thank you, this will be useful!



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