Scribus 1.4.8 Linux Mint Cinnamon Crash at launch time

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New to this forum, new to Scribus too...
Most of my problem is decribed in the subject line...

It returns segmentation fault (core dumped) at launch time when initializing fonts cache...
Crash file in attachment...

Any help would be very welcome!
Waiting to hear from you guys, thanks in advance ;-)


[attachment deleted by admin]


the crash file does not say much.

i would say that there are two possible causes for the crash:

- you have a bad font (and i'm not sure that this will be easy to debug with 1.4.8...)
- there is something wrong with the package (and in this case you should fill a bug @ mint)

there is one thing you can try:

run scribus from a terminal with the "--font-info" option and post here the output.


Thanks A.L.E!

Remove the bad fonts and it works  :D
Once again not only read User Doc, also just type --help... Argh! Shame on me!!!