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Greetings people,

I just bought a new computer and installed Manjaro Linux with Scribus 1.5.5. Scribus was fairly unusable because the fonts menu, wherever displayed, was garbled and unreadable, so I changed themes and eventually found one that rendered the font names clearly, but now I cannot read the menus to change theme, or to perform any other function. I am really wishing I hadn't done this as I have a deadline looming and an unusable program.

I have looked through a couple of XML configuration files in my home directory, but couldn't spot anything about theme, but may have missed it, as the files are fairly large. Does anybody know if it is possible to change themes via a config file or the command line please?

Also any information on installing other themes, or modifying a theme would be handy, as it is hard to find via search engine.

I was going to include a screenshot, but the menu disappeared when I switched to the screenshot program.

Best regards & thanks,