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Maybe a dumb question but I have Ventura 10 and written several books with it. What with support for it having been discontinued and a very recent upgrade to Windows 10, I am wondering if Scribus can import my Ventura files?


i'm not aware of any way to do that.

but you might want to get in touch with the document liberation project:

they're focusing on liberating people (and information) from the dying file formats...

you might be able to help them by providing ventura documents for testing (they mostly need empty document, with one text, with one image, with one style, with one footnote... i guess that you get it : - )

of course, scribus is already using several import libraries created by the document liberation project.
(and did i already mention that the document liberation people are really wonderful persons?)



Do you still have access to Ventura? Maybe you can spin it up in a windows xp virtual machine and either export/save as to a format more conducive to Scribus? RTF or TXT format would work but you might have to reformat the text.  Better than retyping the whole thing.



exporting two copies of each document, one in pdf the other in rtf will help you recreating the whole document in scribus.

but you will have to recreate it.

i have never heard of ventura in the past, but from a quick search it seems that it is disappearing but can still work in windows 10 if you do the right tweaks.
many people will probably need to migrate, so getting in touch with the document liberation crew is probably the best thing to do.