open another sla file in same window

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is there any way to open another sla file in same window ? if i double click an sla file it is opening in a new window. if i want to open in tab i must use file->open


as it is now, on linux you can open multiple scribus in parallel.

it might be possible to add a command line option to open the documents in the same instance (in the past gimp used to have a separate executable for that).

i don't know if it's possible to make sure that the launching the same executable uses a common instance but the same version from different executables use separate instances.

if it's doable, it's something that a "normal" skilled programmer should be able to implement. but there are chance that different code is needed for unix, windows and macos.


as jean pointed out in the bug tracker, there is an old request for a single instance scribus:

with some interesting notes on what one could consider when implementing it.