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transparency or no transparency

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hi ale

it's not about different frames.
as i understand, guillaume says that the white background is only visible in preview mode.

the real question is: what do you see in the exported .pdf file?


ah, ok... yes, i've missed that word...

first: if you're doing "file > print preview", you should probably use "view > preview mode" instead.
does it look ok there?

and, indeed, does the pdf look ok?

When doing the PDF print preview. it shows some warning triangles about things like resolution, empty frames... Indeed, my pictures had way too low a resolution.  I have increased the resolution to 300 dpi but, the problem has remained.  I guessI I will have to show you more of  the Scribus page.  So I will leave here and return when ready to do so.

Well, I have returned already because of a tiny change, which may have implications for some of the forum readers.  The print preview has now returned the page with the girl's face on a transparent BCG.  Ah! I thought, now we're cookimg.  However, the printed page on my Epson delivered the BG error again, being white, the face surrounded by a white square.  So now you can't rely on print preview to give you a dependable  preview?!  I'll let you guys think this over...

hi guillaume

did you print from scribus or export to .pdf and print from a .pdf reader?
…usually you should export to .pdf first!



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