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transparency or no transparency

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we guys already thought it over...
at least the ones of us that are tired of repeating over and over that one should not print directly from scribus...

this having been said, if you create a pdf from scribus, what you get *must* be what you will be able to print (if you correctly created the pdf *and* the print shop correctly prints the pdf).
again, if you want a preview (that will or not match depending on the pdf version / setting you will be picking in the pdf export dialog), please use the "preview mode" in the "view" menu.

this having been (2) said, we still don't know what exactly you're doing and i'm getting tired of keeping on guessing what you might be doing.

just write down the exact command your issuing and share the files you're using / producing.

My apologies for staying away so long.  Some circonstances can alter your day-to-day existence.  That's over now.  Let me tell you how I discovered the answer; it was simple.  I found that some PNG images would show with their transparence.  Examining them showed higher resolutions.  Deduction:  my picture must have too low a resolution.  I corrected and now the little girl's face is on the transparent BG.  I thank all of you guys for your efforts helping a novice.


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