How to make a book cover

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There are several special formats, but I miss "book cover"

With book cover, I mean 2 pages and the place for the spine of the book
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so, here is the question... -- how to make a book cover?
print, a book with an actual spine, and CMYK color space..

I've done some searches, using also quotation marks like "book cover"....

it would be great to find a "how to"... let there be one! :)

what I know by now is that you go about it
using a one page setup..
this saves a lot of time already...

there are 3 main versions, if I'm right:
  • white / blank pages inside
  • with content on the inside pages
  • with content plus "leaves" for author's bio

personally, I'm focusing on case "1".. (blank inside pages)


the best route seems to be using:

1. Scribus for creating the text and graphics -- except bitmap images, photos -- in SVG format
2. Krita to convert photos to CMYK

Scribus would be responsible for the layout...
arranging the graphical elements

and of course, text could be placed on the cover by Scribus, too...
(in my concept: additional text)


You don't need to convert images to CMYK unless you want to do extra image editing. Scribus will do that for you on export when print destination is selected


thank you, MrB!

But what if I use CMYK images in Scribus?
will it cause a misunderstanding or even a problem?

I mean, it's good to see the images how they'll actually look...
that's why I though of using Krita as an image converter...

- - -
BUT wait a minute! :)
why did I think that exporting in CMYK is a problem with Scribus?
(I studied Scribus some months ago, v1.5.5 I believe)

does the CMYK workflow already exist in Scribus?


As MrB mentions, PDF export "for print" will create CMYK PDF.

To get RGB PDF you need to export "for screen".