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Hello guys,

I'm looking to accomplish title formatting like in the picture. Is there a way to add a line like that to a style?



no, not with a style.

scribus does not have a way to add horizonal lines below (or above, left or right...) a paragraph

But there are easy hacks to achieve this effect (the easiest one is based on a right alinged tab with underline formatting applied to it... which -- under certain circumnstances -- you can indeed define as a style...).

just ask, if you need more details on a hack...


Thanks for the reply :)

If I can't get lines to stick within my text, I'm going to have to can this project.

So it would really help to learn that hack.


Here is a _simple_ hack that uses a tab to add a bottom line.

The screen capture is here:


- Show the Properties palette
- Set the frame width to 70 mm
- Add a paragraph after the title
- Hide the Properties palette
- Show the text palette
- Text Properties > Column & text distances > Tabulators
- Define a tabulator at 69 mm (one mm less than the frame width), right aligned
- Activate the "show control chars"
- Insert a tab character
- Colour & Effects:
  - Underline
  - Set the thickness for the underline
  - Set the color for the paragraph with the tab
- Shrink the line spacing

If you know the width of the column, you can create a style with the right tab, the color and the line height already defined.

You can find attached the final .sla file.

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Strange. So I did as you suggested. The line shows up in the story editor, but not on the page itself. And also not when printed. (I'm on version 1.4.8 )


you need to put the underlined tab on a separate line / paragraph...

i've not tested it, but iirc this should also work with 1.4.
there are small differences there between 1.5 and 1.4 but you should be able to recognize the buttons in 1.4.

i also would not use the story editor but the properties palette... but that's up to you...


I must be doing something terribly wrong.  ;D

It is on a different paragraph yes? And I did select the whole thing. The text behind the tab to show that it's actually underlined.


you don't need any text in line where there will be the line.

- define a right aligned tab at 1 mm less than the frame width
- insert a tab "char" at the beginning of the line
- select the tab "char" and
  - make it underlined
  - set the color of the selection to whatever color you need
  - tweak the underline thickness (through a long click on the "underline" button)

if you cannot get it to work, you might want to ask somebody around you to help you sort this out...


Yeah, the text was only to demonstrate that it definitely underlined the selection.

I'll toy with it some more.


Well figured it out... or rather you did. Found an earlier post, where you advised using underscore as a filler :)

I'm pretty damn happy with the result... Not completely what it should be yet, some page numbering with decoration, need to figure out tables and a few other stuffs, but I'm optimistic. So thanks for your patience!

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