file locking mechanism for sharing sla in a nework

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i want to put sla file in a network, there is a chance that two or more persons try to access the same file simultaneously. currently two persons can open one file and the last saved changes will override others. is there any locking mechanism to prevent another users to open sla file while another person working on it? libreoffice have that feature


hi mujeeb

no, there is not such mechanism.

adding a naive locking is not hard... and it's probably good enough for most use cases. (of course one will need to handle the case when a document is closed in a abruptly (system or application crash, network disconnection).

this having been said, there is one more important drawback, which is a bit harder to solve: scribus tends to write full paths to images in the .sla file and if the resources are not exactly at the same place (mount point of the server / home) on each computer you will not be able to correctly share the document. (moving to a different computer is one of the reasons for using "collect for output")

both of those features need a bit of planning but can be implemented by people who are not yet into the scribus code.