Pdf export does not produce a searchable text

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Hi there,

Can someone help me sort out how i can export a pdf from scribus which has recognizable text?

My version of scribus is 1.4.8 and i am using windows 10.

I am also using Adobe Acrobat XI pro

Thank you in advance!

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for 1.4.8, you should make sure that the font is not outlined.

afaik, there can be two reasons why scribus wants to outline your fonts:

- (for some reason) the font cannot be embedded: in this case you need to pick a different font, or
- the font is very big and prefers not to fully embed it: in this case you can tell scribus to embed the font in "file > preferences > fonts" (you might need to close all the document before you can change the setting)

the development version of scribus (1.5.x) does not outline fonts anymore, but subsets them.


Thank you for your feedback. I have already made sure that my fonts are not outlined and that the subset box is not checked (in the case of calibri, arial & times new roman which I am using).However, the text is only searchable when I use the font Verina Sans...No other font is readable when exported to pdf...
Do you suggest that I download the dev version of scribus?


from this bug report


it seems that calibri cannot be embedded with 1.4.

if it cannot be embedded because it's an otf font, then there are good chances that 1.5 will be able to embed it.

if you should use the dev version of scribus or not depends on a few parameters.

if you're otherwise happy with 1.4, stick to it and try to get a different font (if it's possible for you)

if you want moar! then you might want to try 1.5.
just be warned that files saved with 1.5 cannot be opened with 1.4 anymore... so only try it on copies of your real documents!
each time i have to open 1.4, i have the feeling that scribus 1.5 is a completely new program... : - )


Thanks a lot! Yes I have already seen this bug report..My understanding is that no font except from Verina Sans is currently readable with version 1.4.8. I will start using 1.5 version of scribus and hope that this is solved.


my guess is that 1.4 can only embed ttf but no otf fonts.

can you check if this is true?


I already uninstalled 1.4 and i am now working on 1.5 which embeds everything i wanted to embed.. so I cannot really check if your assumption is correct..thank you for your advice! the new version is really different and seems appears to be improved compared to the previous ones.