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Is it possible to use Scribus or any other program to create a pdf that can lock some images down but allow other images to be movable by the user.  For example, I would like to create a locked background of children playing at a park but the park has trash everywhere. So I would want the user of the pdf to be able to drag and drop each piece of trash to a garbage can but not allow them to accidentally click the background and move that.  Is anything like this possible? 


I'm not sure that it is possible to use a Pdf this way.

But, even if it is possible, it feels so wrong.
Pdf has been created to provide a good way to bring your job to a print shop. And it's very good at this task.

The Pdf format has been expanded to support interactive forms. That was a big stretch and history has proven that it was not such a good idea. But it somehow works.

Creating educative games in Pdf, that goes in my eyes way too far (if you're not part of a collective experimenting with diverting technology!)
Have a look at Scratch, Qml, Appinventor, Mu-Editor / Py-Game Zero, ... or Vue.js.
... sadly, what i consider the best tool to create such programs has disappeared many years ago: Hypercard.
(and nobody could create a new modern alternative)


Creating education games is going way too far?  I'm literally asking if there is a way that an image doesnt have to be locked down.  Thanks for your opinion though on what feels right and wrong and thanks for at least attempting to answer the question but if you really aren't sure you could have just saved posting a response altogether.


What is your definition of "image"?

For example in image edititing programs you can use layers, so you can have a locked background layer and move other objects on top of it.

In Scribus you could but an image in a master page and move drawn objects around on top of it.

But both these solutions mean you will have to work inside a program, there is likely no image format that would allow this to be done in any image viewing program. And the reason is quite simple, an image is something static.

What you are asking for is something dynamic.


Indeed, not my business.


P.s.: It's not creating "education games" that is going too far, it's creating them as a PDF that feels so wrong. And now, I'm 100% sure: You cannot do that with Scribus.


Thank you Nermander.  I didnt even think if it was possible that they would have to work inside another program.  That is something else I was trying to avoid since at most schools you arent allowed to install your own programs.


But the point here is that even an image or a PDF requires a program to view it, even if it is just the built in image viewing function of the operating system.