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Letters in Indic anguages not displaying correctly

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--- Quote from: a.l.e on October 09, 2019, 10:13:49 am ---yes, you need to activate the color management for pdf/x1a.

you're still welcome to post more details on your issue with the line spacing... and, please, start a new thread for new issues...

--- End quote ---

Thanks for replying even though I posted in the wrong thread.

I think the spacing is not a fault on Scribus but just how Gujarati is normally spaced.

I've attached the screenshot of Gujarati and English script at 15pt spacing from Scribus.  They look perfect.

However, I've also attached a photograph of a page in a Gujarati book and a screenshot of a newspaper article in Gujarati. This is why I thought the line spacing was wrong.

I'm not sure about the the other South Asian languages because for this anthology o have only used certain words not full sentences.

This may change next time.

Thanks again for all the help.

I've been trying for a while and I can't post this message with the attachments

sorry bahsa,

the screenshots did not get through...

there have been a few patches lately to improve the support for indic languages, and there is a strong interest in further improving it!


I think what Scribus has to offer at this momyis brilliant.
I will definitely be using it again as I hope the next anthology will feature more South Asian languages.

Thanks again for your help,



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