How long does it take for approval?

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I have submitted my application online(within transifex) almost two weeks ago.
How long can I receive follow-up notifications?




strange, craig hs been pulling string from transifex...

i will ask him if he can make an admin and what are the rules for accepting people...

stay tuned...


Or,  before aprovaled, is there a temporary way I can change the language of the menu myself?

In the current simplified Chinese version, there is still a part of the menu in English. For my subsequent screenshots, this is very unfriendly (for some readers, the Chinese version is incomplete, and the software seems very original and ancient).

I can extract the appimage(scribus 1.5.5svn), but I do not know how to modify the menu language.

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I have completed the first stage of translation, and, I have update the transifex file (Chinese: zh-cn)today.