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I thought I was having a similar problem to that title problems with Margins but the solution does not seem to match.  I am trying to create a four page bulletin on a single letter sized page.  I have selected selcected the double side document layout and created four pages.  When Printed, the "top" of the document has approx. 1" margin even when on my layout I have tried to minimize this as much as posiible.  I have played with the default margins of multiple printers and have printed directly from scribus and exported pdf with no change.  I am attempting to migrate away from MS Publisher where I was able to have my margins pressed out further so I know that I am not being limited by the printer it self.  I have succefully printed to within 1/4" of the long edge e.g. the top of my final document.  I have attached a copy of the bulletin.  If you preview before printing this is the layout I want but after printing this is no wysiwyg.  Any help would be appreciated

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i just exported your file – the pdf looks the same as the scribus preview...
can't find any margin problem (except that i don't understand, why you put everything that much to the left on the first page...)

other problems i see, are:

  • strange line spacing (14.4 pt spacing for a 20 pt font – some characters are overlaping)
  • chaotic placement of the textblocks (differences of single millimeters...)
  • no text styles (hard to edit later)
  • ...
i opened it with scribus 1.4.0. but i doubt, that this issues have to do with some conversion between and 1.4.0...

how do you print this bulletin? if you do it with your desktop printer, either put the pages in the right order and select 'booklet printing' in 'adobe reader' or set it onto two 'landscape' oriented pages.
if you have problems with margins, don't print out of scribus. direct printing may work (depending on your whole system configuration), but if it does not, pdf export is the safe way...

i recommend two things:

  • switch to scribus 1.4.0
  • learn, how layout programs work – there are tutorials on the internet. it may take some time, but you will work a lot faster and better with some training.



Also the double page layout is used incorrectly, normally you would use "First page is right hand page" setting.

Also, two Letter pages side by side will become approx 432x279 mm. That is a ratio of approx 2.62. But a single Letter page is 216x279 mm, which is a ratio of 1.29. So it is impossible to scale a spread proportionally while fitting it to a Letter sheet. That probably explains your added space.

If you want to keep working the way you do, make your document two landscape pages. But better off would be to make it four pages of "half Letter", using "First page is right hand page" and the used the Booklet printing feature of Adobe Reader to print the booklet.

Corrected a spelling error (tour->your).


sorry – didn't look close enough...
with letter size it's not as simple as with the din formats. it's 432×279 mm or two times 'half letter' size, as nermander mentioned...