Gabarit text area and page number

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I am new with Scribus and I got into troubles...
I tried to create a gabarit: so I fixed a size for my page (A5), the border (40pt from each border), and I added a text area on this page. But when applying this gabarit to one of my page, there is no text area appearing in the page and I cannot type words inside... although I tried also to create a gabarit with an image on the page and when applying this gabarit this is working fine... So what do I do wrong with the text gabarit?

Also if I want to add automatically page numbers, how can I proceed?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Master Pages in Scribus are not editable when applied to a page, they are more like a background for the page.

This might change in the future, but today the best approach is probably to use the scrapbook or use guides and maybe automatic text frames.



Ah oki.. so I misunderstood the function of gabarit then?
So there is no way to do an automatic page numerotation right?


Automatic page numbering works. Put a text frame in the Master Page and enter the special "code" for a page number (it is found in the Insert menu, looks like a # but it is not a regulat so #, just typing a # won't work). I don't remember the keyboard shortcut.