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I use scribus for a monthly review, and I have to extract from scribus the articles (corrected) to put them online on the internet. It's very complicated, because the returns stop the copy of the text. You have to go through the internal editing module.
It would be very useful to have a text export module. If in addition it could handle styles, it would be perfect (at least basic styles of html).
I hope this development would not be too complicated.

Suggestion : module d'export de texte
J'utilise scribus pour une revue mensuelle, et je dois extraire de scribus les articles (corrigés) pour les mettre en ligne sur internet. C'est très compliqué, car les retours à la ligne stoppent la copie du texte. Il faut repasser par le module d'édition interne.
Il serait très utile de disposer d'un module d'exportation du texte. Si en plus il pouvait gérer les styles, ce serait parfait (au moins les styles basiques d'html).
J'espère que ce développement ne serait pas trop compliqué.


you can try saving to .PDF then use and online conversion tool to go from .PDF to Html


@RodneyLee , i've removed your latest post: please don't post links to random articles on commercial sites.

we're here for the free (open source!) software and we should avoid promoting specific commercial offers.

of course, sometimes there are no good enough alternatives and everybody is welcome to mention commercial offers!
but in such cases i would expect an explanation why free software tools do not fit the task and also why you're appreciating the specific tool you mention.

posting a link to a the first internet search result, without telling us why it would be useful, is not really useful.

in my eyes, in a similar case you should suggest the user to do an internet search for "convert pdf to html" or explain when one of the existing online tools has been useful to you.
or simply mention the recent forum thread where a very similar topic has been discussed.


an epub exporter is in the pipeline and it will be possible to use it for exporting to html (since epub files are not much more than zipped html files)


Thank you, it will be interesting. Will the export epub keep the paragraph styles and the character styles?
If so, it will be perfect for an epub.
If I want to export a text from a frame, it will be longer (epub, then convert .html or .odt), but a good solution.
Do you think the . epub export could support a watermark for each export (such as:'name)?
Thank you for taking the time to develop scribus. It's a nice tool.


the epub export will create an epub file containing html files with the formatted content (char and paragraph styles, bold and italic heuristics, sup and superscript, underline) and the images placed at a meaningful place.

you will need to further edit the epub file before publishing... it's at that step that you will be able to set any formatting you care about (or a watermark).
in a tool like sigil.


I have a script that outputs text... Good for spell checking and stuff...

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