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Status update:

- The Shape panel is now in Scribus.
- The Image panel has been moved (as is) to a new Content Palette.
- I've made a patch to apply Martin's proposal for the XYZ panel.
- The Group panel has been emptied from all the widgets that were also in the Shape panel.
- There is a patch for moving to the content panel all the panels that change according to the item type.

The main differences to Martin's proposal:

- I'm trying to avoid introducing the "advanced" hidden sections for each panel. For now I plan a common "advanced" section (or move items to other dialogs).
- I've proposed a few changes in the XYZ panel (basepoint on the right) and Peter added a few other, that produced more changes in the layout.
  Here is the almost final result (with two errors that have been fixed later...; please do not propose further changes to this panel until it's merged...)
- The padding and the spacing is not yet correct. I wait for bigger parts of the palettes being reimplemented before styling them (for now it's a default grid).

Wish me good luck : - )

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Great work, Good Luck


I've been thinking about the Basepoint widget and I think it needs to be revised urgently, because it doesn't really fit either optically or technically. Technically, because many UI colors are hardcoded.
For a redesign, I primarily looked at Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher. In Affinity Publisher I saw that the widget also supports rotation of the selected element. I think this would be a useful widget for Scribus too.


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