Preflight Verifier flags many objects that are 255 alpha and 100% opaque

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Hi fellow users

I am exporting large SVG drawings in CMYK separations to PDF /X-3 and find that the Preflight Verifier flags huge numbers of objects in the drawing as 'object has transparency' when this is not really the case.

When I do a find operation in Inkscape on the object ID, the original artwork in Inkscape will almost always show the object as 255 alpha and 100% opaque with a solid fill. No keyline will be set. I am careful to check keyline settings because a keyline can be set, but have zero width which, when this happens, will cause trouble in PDF exports - usually by appearing in the PDF document as a solid keyline of a very visible width and surprising colour.

I generally can ignore the errors but this does not always cause a flawless PDF document. Right now I have a single rogue object that prints black instead of its set colour, for example. In Inkscape that object is 255 alpha, 100% opaque, and with a solid fill. Scribus seems to have no trouble converting sRGB colours to CMYK in the colour editor.

Can anyone shed light on this odd behaviour. I am baffled as to why Preflight Verifier is flagging so many objects as having transparency when they are not being set that way in Inkscape.




hi mjlcourier

could you provide a test file (.sla file with affected .svg).




There is no Scribus bug here: you just have to search inside the SVG to find attributes such as stroke-opacity:0.50196078. So this SVG has definitely transparencies.


ok, yes, now that i know where to look scribus shows you that the flagged items do have transparencies:

- ungroup the drawing
- launch (check again) the preflight verifier
- select the flagged item
- have a look at the stroke part of the "transparencies" tab in the properties palette.