missing Image entry on properties tab.

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Hi All,

I just build 1.5.6-svn version on my Raspberry PI4 using the usual way: getting from github; make builddir, cmake ;make -j3 ; make install.

It seems to work well except for a strange thing: if i create an image on a page and CTRL=I an image into it I get an image on the page. When I press F2 to get the properties page of the image I get a dialog which is missing an image-tab so I can't do free scaling of the image. Most of the functionality like size to frame is available from elsewhere but free scaling is'nt.

Problem isn't isolated to Rasbian, both my Fedora and Debian desktops have the same issue. It is just that I liked the portability of the PI4 to be able to carry the stuff around. I use scribus to create a magazine for a dutch steam railway society, it is called 'StoomTractie' and the last 8 issues have been cproduced in scribus, much to the amazement of the printer who was a Adobe Indesign guy, but willing to have a look at the pdfs scribus creates, and as said much to his surprise.

Any wizzard with an idea?


No wizard around... but the guy who is "responsible" for it can give you a hint : - )

F3 is now the content palette, and not anymore a text palette only (if you  have used 1.5.5).
just try it out...

the rework of the properties palette is not over yet, but some important bits are already in!


Thanks wizzard for the fast response. Will look for F3 when I arrive home. You probably saved my weekend!