Solution requested for a typographical "problem".

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As InDesigner I have undertaken to assist a volunteer for a radio / television station who makes the program data once a week for the local newspaper.
I am creating the basis for him so that he can fill in / change the data without too much trouble.
Because, in this case the days of the week regularly change location, I don't want to do this with a separate color area underneath the text. That gives too many problems.
In InDesign that would not be a problem (screen1), but finances make them work with a free (pretty good) program.
I am looking for a solution: How do I change the "baseline" in the attached example (screen2)?
Any response is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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... well, if you want to set the baseline, have a look in the eigenschappen : - )
the baseline is a paragraph attribute (whatever you mean by baseline exactly), not a character one.

but i must admit that i have a hard time understanding your issue, since you don't describe what where scribus fails to meet your requirements.

from the screenshots i would say

- that you're using scribus 1.5.x and
- in the paragraph style, you should set the "margin above" to keep the text on the right vertical position.

since you cannot set the "first line offset" in a style, you might also want to add a typical title frame in the scrapbook...

does it help?


p.s.: it would be wonderful if you could share the final result so (if possible with a description of the project... we love to show people how scribus is used in the real world : - )


It is just in a test-fase...

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This is how I have now solved it, but that is a rather cumbersome process.

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Ik probeer het nog een keer. Maar nu in mijn eigen taal.

Ik wil graag dat de vette tekst in het midden van het kleurvlak komt te staan. Zoals in het voorbeeld rechts.
Ik kan het kleurfond op hoogte maken, maar kan de tekst binnen dat fond niet laten zakken.
Het fond blijft staan. Er komt 'kleur onder bij 20% instelling.
Hoe krijg ik 'kleur' er boven bij?

Sorry, als grafisch ontwerper wil ik misschien teveel, maar wie weet is er een logische oplossing.

I will try again. But now in my own language.

I would like the bold text to appear in the middle of the color area. Like in the example on the right.
I can adjust the height of the color stock, but cannot lower the text within that stock.
The fund remains standing. There is' color under at 20% setting.
How do I get 'color' above it?

Sorry, as a graphic designer I may want too much, but who knows there is a logical solution.

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there might be hacks for doing that but, basically, no, you cannot do it with scribus.

you need to create a text frame for each colored block of text.

in scribus the background colors for text are rather new and is not completely implemented.
i made a few tries and scribus seems to "paint" the font maximum ascent.

the question is: how can scribus do better?
if possible without needing a overly complex UI and with a straight forward implementation?

... adding the feature is scribus will anway a rather tedious work, since the work has been done for the display on screen and for each of the export foramts (pdf, ps/print, png, ...)