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First line Indent, right, left Indent is not available when we working with texts. the option is only available in styles. so if  i have to change indent of a single paragraph i need to create another style with the required parameters. it will be nice if the option is available under tabulator option.  attaching current tabulator option from styles which  contains indent option. but it is not available in text properties window, the option neither be available in Story editor mode

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by the way a news paper in kerala is switching to scribus. they already released some weekend papers and special book in scribus. training in scribus is going to conduct from september 2. thank you guys for this wonderfull FOSS alternative


yes, in scribus you can set the indent for a single paragraph but it's a bit "hidden".
not that bad, since it's mostly a bad habit to change the indent of a single paragraph...

but, as said, you can (and sometimes it even makes sense):

- switch to edit mode inside of the frame.
- look up at the horizontal ruler.
- move the two triangles on the left and the one on the right to visually set the indents.

ps: i would be very interested in publishing a report about the switch of your newspaper: can you get in touch with me through PM (or email... my email address is not hard to find...)