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I had been converting SVG graphics to bitmap but then I found it almost impossible to get 300 DPI. and the correct size for my art work. I have also found that a bitmap saved in Inkscape can be saved in SVG format and then in Scribus 1.4 there seems to be no trouble with them.

Now then, can anyone tell me how this would work out using an SVG file for a book cover for LS! the commercial printers. they are reluctant to advice on such technical matters.

Then how would Scribus export such a cover, will it still be in CMYK??



When you you create a PDF from Scribus there are, as far as I understand it, four possibilities:

1. Export to PDF/X-3 will not convert any colors at all, but will instead embed profiles (not sure of printer or screen/web has any effect here)
2. Export "for printer" will create a CMYK PDF
3. Export "for screen/web" will create an RGB PDF
4. Export "grayscale" will create a grayscale PDF