Scribus doesn't show text in colour?

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Hi all.
Scribus 1.5.4 (and it works perfectly well.)

I ran into something I don't know how to fix.

I have a current file which I use weekly as a sort of template for our church's newsletter. I use the previous one and same it with a new date for the comings week's newsletter.

Please see attached screenshot. It has been a long time now but I decided today is the date to find the problem. I cannot change the colour of the text of the current document. BUT, when I create a new document, I can and it shows in the text. I first want to ask here before doing the whole newsletter from scratch. Colour pictures print in perfect colour but text gives me that exclamation mark.

Please advise what I am doing wrong.

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Maybe try adding a different color palette


Quote from: RodneyLee on August 21, 2019, 05:30:42 PM
Maybe try adding a different color palette
Thanks very much. I did it and it works.