Options for Text Frame Line Property

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Just had an idea that there are instances where it would be much easier to be able to add a horizontal line at the bottom or vertical line at the side of a text frame vs having to manually add an independent line element. Thinking in terms of spreadsheet software, I have the ability to specify for what sides of the cell, ie frame, I want to have a line drawn for. Currently Scribus has an all or nothing, on/off approach with respect to the line property of a text frame.  No lines at all or a completely enclosing box.

I think it would be nice to have the option of being able to specify which side(s) of the text frame I wanted to draw a line for. Right side, left side, bottom, or any combination.

Wondering what others think of this.



for table cells, you can pick single borders.

you cannot do it for frames. it has been requested in the past and the developers know that several people would like to have it.
(and since it's hard to use tables in scribus, i would not advise you to learn about them...)

personally, i tend to use as few lines as possible... there are often better ways to separate the text sections : - )
there are cases where it would have been handy, but there are other features i miss much more!


Thanks for the feedback regarding border lines for frames. For instances where a line object is manually inserted simply to serve as border for that part of the frame, the ability to pick individual frame borders as can be done for table cells would be a nice time saver.

As a newbie to Scribus I have not yet done anything with tables but can certainly see myself wanting to make use of them. Hopefully a future release of Scribus will improve functionality in this area.

For the record, I'm using version 1.4.8 of Scribus.