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hi jack

Quote from: jama251 on August 05, 2019, 04:16:25 PM...From creation to the moment the A5 page appeared, everything was working ok.

it's the other way – the bigger page is the one in B5 and you did your work in A5 before.
QuoteHow do I generate a file in A5 when all the preferences and document set up are in B5?

it doesn't look as it was set up as a B5 document. i'm pretty sure, you changed it later.
QuoteNot sure what default character style is after having set all the preferences and document setup to 12...

take a look at 'edit' → 'styles' (F3 in scribus 1.4 or F4 in 1.5...)
Quote...I go to the drop down menu, select an available font and then tick the "make change permanent" option. This is not something that has happened with just Deja-vu, it has also happened with Ariel. I select an available option, I tick the box but it never makes the change permanent.

i don't work with scribus 1.4.6 any more but i tried it and the changes are permanent here with 1.4.8 under macOS – can't help with this one.
QuoteWhen I get to publish in September I will put a thank you in my credits page for you and happy also to recognise Scribus as the tool of choice for production. Just let me know if that is ok with you.

it's ok for me, but you don't have to...



You're brilliant mate. Case closed, couldn't have asked for better support. Sorry I didn't quite understand what I was doing at times. But you have helped me to get more out of Scribus now. Thanks.


A lot of people are used to how word processors work and think that changing the properties or the document setup will change all the pages. But since Scribus supports that each page has its own size, already created pages will not change unless you explicitly say they should.