Patches & co. to be discussed at the LGM 2019

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The next Libre Graphics Meeting will be in Saarbrücken at the end of May 2019.

Craig and Jean from the Scribus team will be there and we already decided to sit together and discuss the patches and experiments I did.

This "topic" is the place where I'm going to list all the topics I wish to discuss and you're very welcome to add your own topics, too!
(and, of course, you will be welcome to join us in Saarbrücken!)

Code that is ready to be included:

- Action Search (ale):
- icons for a dark theme:
  - (by Luna Nightshade)
- user scripts in the navigation
- multiple duplicate on pages
- content palette (ale)
- store open / close status in the content palette's sections

Needs feedback on the concept / plans:

- A new Plugin API (ale)
- A new Scripter based on Pybind11 (ale)
- Epub export (ale)
- Markdown import (ale)
- Table of contents (ale)
- Apply Advanced Typography (aiena)

Features depending on the Plugin API:

- ApplyStyle (ale)

UI tweaks

- widen the "replace colors dialog" (houz)

Ideas for Jean's sabbatical:

- Text as external files
- Pdf for web


Cool! looking forward to hearing of new and upcoming changes.
Is there any chance that it will be possible to bind keyboard shortcuts to user scripts?


hey gibbz,

combining the "action search" and "user scripts" listed above you will have some sort of keyboard shortcuts for scripts...