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Quote from: a.l.e on August 12, 2019, 11:14:16 AM
the file looks fine to me.

most of the "space" that is not text, is used to define the frames around the text and for defining the tables and their cells.

in the .sla file everything takes a bit more space than strictly needed if the file format would have created in order to save disk space... but, well, it does not look that terrible to me.

Can you try to export in pdf all the doc please ?because the last images come out very very little and broken why ?
i try to export and another problem i sthat now scribuss every time i select an image ad use the right button of mouse take a lot of cpu usage?!


for page 19 (the last one in the document with some content) the pdf looks exactly the same to what scribus is showing.

there is an image that is probably wrong, because it has been scaled down in the frame and moved to the left.

the context menu is very responsive here.

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the same thing happened to me for both images. then I recreated the image frame and it worked. mystery! why this happen?


no mistery: you have double clicked on the image and moved its content and, then resized the frame... or something similar...