1.5.4 portable pdf wrong plot and no preview

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If i export my doc to pdf i have no preview (i have ghost script install in scribus)and one page with 2 images in pdf show very very little why ?instead It i export the single page pdf is correct where i wrong ?



I have win7 64 bit 16 giga of Ram Intel core i7 geforce quadro k600

I know why...i put last images with copy and paste from the document


sadly, "file > print preview" is not a print print preview.

all suggestions i've made for changing that have failed, so we are stuck with that menu entry.

the print preview you will need is activated (and deactivated) through "view > preview > preview mode".
and it does not need ghostscript.

in the pdf (if you create the pdf with "file > export > export to pdf") the images should really have the same size as in scribus.