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just a warning: john culleton suggestions are not always the safest to follow.

mostly, he has come to his solutions by try and error: it may work for his specific case but this does not imply that you will have the same luck or that what he suggests is a good way to do.


Thank you, I have bought another little book in the hope that it will help to get me going. And I have been able to now get LS to answer my question. Now to properly understand CMYK and DPI's

Thanks again for your help.



I seem to be going round and round on this subject. I have posted on this forum the dimensions of our book. It tells me the Spin, text box dimensions but there is then the space between them and the front and back covers.

Another problem I am facing is that the Cover template provided by LS is in a PDF format, and I cant find how to put that into Scribus 1.4 or 1.5.

If then I was to change the template into bitmap then I would distort.

What I really need to work out is the dimension from let to right of the landscape of the temple.

I have bought two books that is supposed to provide the answer to these questions. This matter is now getting out of hand by now.

Wena D. Parry   


hello wena

you don't have to insert the pdf from ls into your scribus file. (in a picture frame it would be possible, but with a lot of room for errors...)

you have the trim width and for the spine width there is a 'spine width & book weight calculator' under 'book design essentials' on the ls-website. (the spine width depends on the book block, so you have to know the number of the pages and the sort of the paper...)
with two times the trim width and one time the spine you have the width of your final document. for the height it's the indicated trim height.
this is what you insert in the upper part of 'document setup'.
below that you have to set the bleeds to 6mm for all sides.
for the spine i would add two vertical guide lines.
if you like you can add the recommended 6mm margin guides as well...

i hope this helps!



I don't understand all that sorry utnik. Would you please tell the the dimensions, of

"B&W 5.83 x 8.27 in or 210 x 148 mm (A5) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam 128 pages as LS gave me.

just the totals of the whole cover, please, please.

I would be so grateful.

Or tell me how to use these numbers to get the right width.



hello wena

i just made a cover template for you.
here is it: http://db.tt/0Cw57beA – it's a scribus1.4.0rc6 file.
i can't do this every time – please try to compare this with the informations from the ls pdf, next time you should do your own setup...

the red frame is the final cover.
pictures or background colors should reach the black one (bleed).
the green frames (safety areas) are on a separate layer, called 'safety margins' – you may uncheck or delete it, when the work is finished (in preview mode it disappears and it won't print anyway...)

good luck


I thank you very much utnik, and I am hoping that this is the answer to my problem. From your template the only verifiable there will be is the spin width. I am sure I shall be able to use that as a guide.

Again Thanks very much.