Apply Properties to all cells of a table

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Hi all,
I'm working on a table "17 x 4".

I'm wondering how to set all separation lines to 0.5 pt of thickness and to set lines color to grey.
I can just edit properties for only a cell at time!
(This is not an option. What a waste of time...)

But I think there must be a way to apply changes to all the table with a "single click"... Is'n it?
(answer YES, please!)

Same question about text style: I wanted to arrange text centered both on vertical and horizontal... but I wanted to apply this to all the cells, not just the current one!
I done it by hand... one cell at time. But it is really a waste of time.


tables are still a word in progress in scribus...


Got it, thank you...
So, let's hope that feature be improved in a not so far future!