Landscape AND portrait mode in one PDF? Need kind of matrix

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I'd like to build a kind o matrix: 1st pages of articles in horizontal line, and every article in vertical line. So I can scroll left-right between articles and up-down between pages (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...)

Is this possible with Scribus?

Thank You for the answers.


I don't think it is possible with any PDF authoring application, because it is likely not supported by the PDF format.

Have you ever seen a PDF working that way?


personally, i did not understand what exactly you are trying to achieve...

if you want further help, you will probably need to post a drawing or some other visual explaination...


The way I understood it (mockup in Paint).

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well, i would do that by creating a document with very wide page and use the vertical column guides as the vertical separator.

if the goal is to create a pdf with the real pages in there, you will have to look at an advanced imposition tool.
in that case i would create one scribus file for each article and then let the imposition tool.
but, as nermander is writing, i'm really not sure that the pdf format supports arbitrary horizontal layouts. (on the one side i don't see why pdf should not support, on the other side i cannot find any evidence that the pdf can do anything but double sided layouts, on the final side i have no idea what the right search term would be...)


The problem with your first solution is that an article with just a few pages will get a lot of blank space below it if you have other articles with many pages.

Say one article is two pages, most articles 4-5 pages and then one article 15 pages. If you are at page 10 of the 15 page article navigating to the right or left will just give you whitespace, and I don't think that is the wanted funktion.

I guess the idea is to be able to scroll between articles, read the ones you find interesting and skip the other ones.