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Excuse me but i try to search something about...but nothing clear my doubts.

there is an option with the language.
is this setting dependent on the paragraph style? if yes, can't every paragraph style have 2 languages? or i every time select the text and apply ex:italian and english?

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the language is mainly used for the hyphenation and for the text direction (iirc).

you cannot define two different languages in a paragraph style but:

- you can of course have different languages in one paragraph,
- by using the direct formatting or
- through character styles.


ok thanks another thing i use ver 1.5.4 but i think there is a big bug...when i set the line thickness in preferences to 0,5 then i draw line scribus trace a 0,353 mm lines why???


preferences are for future documents...
... document settings are for the current document...

does this solve your issue?

(and, wrote before, please open a thread for each question... line thickness has nothing to do with the text language...)


sorry for the wrong topic...yes i resolve. scribus has right! because in the preferences i set line pt and in the sheet there is mm units! it is correct 1 pt = 0,354 mm