strange visible lines

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i have scribus 1.5.4 portable when i modify column and text distance i see a gray line on the top of my text like in the figure. can i remove this line?

how can i center the text vertical in the frame.

can i center the frame with the guide in the middle ? i move manually

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0/ please, in the future ask one question at a time... this help other people finding answers to their questions before even asking the question : - )

1/ those lines do not get printed and are not shown in preview mode. they're there to help you see where the margin is...

2/ in the text palette > column & text distances, you can set the the vertical alignment... (it does not work in every possible case, but it does in most of the sane cases.

3/ yes, with the "align and distribute" tool... but if you're doing that, you're probably working in a sub-optimal way...