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I am creating a double sided document for a book. I have the first page set up as a right side page under page properties but it ends up on the left side in the PDF created by Scribus. I have tried inserting a page but that causes the text in the following pages to be offset out of the page margins for some strange reason.

I can provide more details if someone is willing to help

Thanks, Jim

i'm not aware that there might be a problem there...

can you provide a sample .sla and a .pdf generated from it that shows the issue?


Thanks for replying. Lets start with two  screenshots, the first is of the  top of my .sla file which shows the first page on the right at top. The second is the resulting PDF.

I have the top page which is page 1 set as a normal right page and as you can see it ends up as the first page on the left. The book printer has told me that the first page has to be on the right and of course that is the way it must be or the content is jumbled

Could it be related to page numbering? i am a real newbie at this so obviously I am not doing it correctly

Thanks and please let me know if you still need to see the .sla file


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yes, please share a .sla and a .pdf that show the issue.


I just replied with the two requested documents attached....It took a couple minutes to upload but it did not post?

Where did it go?



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