Trouble Importing SVG for CYMK - Images showing up everywhere

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Hello, as the title suggests I'm having difficulty with converting Inkscape to Scribus.
I've been asked to create some flyers/posts for social media, howver I've now been told some needed to be printed and I tried following this tutorial:
however, I've been hit with this when opening the SVG file.

Edit - Scribus 1.4.7
Scribus after import - 2 file
The file in inkscape - 1 file

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Inkscape can do Hires .PNG, which should work just as well, yes?


Quote from: RodneyLee on July 20, 2019, 03:53:13 PM
Inkscape can do Hires .PNG, which should work just as well, yes?

I'll have to take a look at it but the tutorial for changing it to cymk stated to insert an SVG file.


scribus does not support all svg features that inskcape inkscape does.

this having been said, the tutorial you're following is imo only useful if you exactly know which cmyk colors you will to replace the rgb colors in the svg.
(as an example, for a logo created with inkscape and you have graphic charter to follow...)
from the screenshot you have posted, i have a hard time believing that you will want to do that with that specific image.

if all you want is a pdf automatically converted to cmyk for printing purposes, going through an high resolution png might be an ok workaround.