Colour management

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Is there a tutorial on Color management for the press WITHIN SCRBUS at all, the two books I have bought don't attempt to cover the subject?

Or even a step by step description of how to do it do so.

It is an important subject and such a tutorial or video would be more than helpful to encourage us beginners.



If you buy a car, do you ask the car supplier to teach you driving it?

Color management is color management, it is done almost the same in any application using it (because it is just really a lot of math using color profiles).

Once you know color management there is nothing strange in Scribus compared to other applications.


Thank you, but I don't know how to do it, that is why I asked the question.

I have just found that Gimp v2.6 and up can do a soft view of a CMYK  image but that needs a color profile,

I have downloaded one

But my computer just dose not know how to instal it, is it I wonder not a Windows version?



There is no shortcut to learning color management. It is complicated.


In Europe, it is preferable to use the color profile: ISO Coated