Scaling width of charecters in unicode (Malayalam, India)

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so, as jean and andreas discussed in the bug tracker, the patch does solve a short term problem but is not a complete solution.

if you read a bit their comments in the bug tracker and try to read the code around the patch already proposed by andreas, you will already have an idea about how it works.

don't hesitate to ask for details... i might be able to help or can ask further...
(or somebody from the team might show up in here... or you might join also the irc channel for more interactive discussions)

just a side note: as far i can tell, for latin fonts it's very unusual to create condensed "text" by changing the width of the letters... you normally use a condensed variation of the font... and if you just try condense a font by 20%, you don't get a good result. of course, i cannot judge how good the result is for the noto / malayalm font.


Quote from: mujeebcpy on July 11, 2019, 07:31:02 PM
yes. i build and run it successfully. truly speaking i didn't expected this much fast response and fix. i totally wondered. and ofcourse  i will try to understand the code. expecting guidance from all of you

Quote from: ranjithsiji on July 11, 2019, 08:41:43 AM
hi ale,

I tested the patch that andreas given with latest scribus code and it is working perfectly. I amazed about the solution. This was real life saver for us. Thank you for your quick response and patch. I think this will fix the problem for all indic langauges. Because Malayalam is the most complex indic language with lot of complex rules. So it may work for all.

Thanks for this amazing fix


You are welcome. I'll have a closer look over the weekend re. PostScript output and other cases.

I usually don't hang around here, so if you want a response from me, you either have to alert a.l.e or send a mail to scribus-dev :-)


the patch by andreas and jean is now in the current scribus code (trunk / master).
if you compile scribus, you can get it trough svn and git.

an appimage can be found (during the next week) here:

the PPA provided by ubuntu should also already contain the fix.

and jean provided a snapshot for windows:


Hi, i pulled and built. now everything works fine. svg out also rendering correctly. thanks for the help and fix.
i have another bug to report with Dropcap. should i start a new bug?


yep, please open a new ticket for it...

and if you think that your team has the skills to fix such bugs (now that you have seen how the other bug has been fixed...), don't hesitate to try to dive into the scribus code!