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Thanks Peter.

At this moment I have some more progress. I could fix the crash and finished the refactoring of the text palette. Furthermore I renamed the text palette into "content properties palette" because now this palette shows the related property settings of your selected object. For now it supports settings for text content and images. The image properties need some more adjustments.

Next big task will be the "frame properties palette".


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Hello Martin,

I really appreciate your work. I don't know if the layout of the text panel you presented has it's final form. If so, I have one remark:
The character section is quite... scattered. At first glance I had a problem with undestanding which form means what.

Please find an attachment for my proposition of a layout.

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Very happy to see your updates Martin, thanks for all the work! I'm looking forward to see the other bits.  ;)

Is there a way to support you with something more than just saying thanks (donation/Patreon)?


Hi corebots,

thanks for your post. I think there are some ways to supporting me. Since I changed the UI I changed a lot of code as well. At this moment I'm not sure if all features are working as expected. So testing would be one option. But for now there is just the source code, no binaries. But I'm able to create binaries for Linux. ;)

I never though about donations... but I remember that I have a link. If someone wants to make donations here is the link:
BUT: donations are not required that I continue my work!

Thanks for supporting me.



here is something I really liked from Pagestream, to bad there's been no updates in 5 years, which is why I switched to Scribus, a Pagesteam import filter might be handy :)

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here is UI I like best, its from Pagestream, allows having the tools displayed that you want/use all the time

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What's happened with Martin?
Where are you?



Hmm looks like this has become dormant for now, sadly. Is it possible for another developer to build on what has been done thus far?


@cloudbusting of course, go ahead!


Hello cloudbusting,

I recommend starting over with a new implementation from the beginning. :)

Let me share some insights with you. As a non-programmer I learned Qt / C ++ to translate my ideas into the existing Scribus code. But many people next to me also worked on Scribus at the same time. My biggest mistake was getting started with the wrong things - the final layout components themselves. In my opinion, the Scribus code must first be refactored and prepared for implementation.

For example, to use the Indigo UI color picker, color management must first be refactored. Something like dealing with temporary colors that are not included in the color palette of the document, etc.

This can be done step by step before the "real" implementation of the Indigo UI makes sense. During my implementation project, I came across many blockers a long time ago. To solve these problems, I encountered new problems and the work exploded.

In the end, the code was very outdated, because nothing could be merged with the main branch and the work was too much for one.