Big File needs too much RAM

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scribus takes 1gb ram and more, even if i have only 20% of my job done.
i want to layout a book with pictures (lots of pictures).

is there a way to minimize the pictures in the document at once? i don't mind if they are only smaller in the preview or saved in a smaller resolution. but i need a minimum of 300dpi.
and i don't want to touch each picture by hand.



There is a settings in Scribus for the preview resolution of images. I think you can even turn of displaying of images.

But Scribus IS memory hungry, that is a well known fact. And images are not the major problem.


if you know how to search and replace in a text file, you could create two directories, one with the images you will put in your final document and one with a low res version. you can then open the .sla file and search and replace all the images and change the path to match the version you want to work with.

it should be easy to create a script to do this.

otherwise, the solution is to split the .sla by chapter and merge them at the end or merge the resulting PDFs.