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File corrupted
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:19:41 am »
we are currently making a quite big magazine using Scribus (130 pages). After trying to insert a PDF somehow it opened in a seperate page, after deleting that the file crashed and can't be opened. The error message is "Error while parsing the file in line 4810, collumn 84812768 ; invalid at this place ' '." (Or something like this, the program used is in German so the message is too.)
We now tried to open the file in an editor for large texts: Line 4809 (second-to-last) contains <PAGEOBJECT> with all the parameters, but it's not closed. The last line contains another <PAGEOBJECT> with some parameters, the last of those is ImageData=" followed by many random-looking characters (I think many millions). After many of those characters the file ends without clsing ". </DOCUMENT> and the other closing thing that is normally found at the very end of a normal file are missing as well. When we deleted those two last lines and added those closers (Or whatever their name is) we got a working file, but a big part of it was missing, the pages were just white. The last page again was in the colour we put it in.
Does anyone here know a way we can save our file?
Thanks in advance!


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Re: File corrupted
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2019, 08:45:56 pm »
you can upload the .sla file here or in the bug tracker ( and myself or somebody else can see what can be rescued...

one general hint: if strange things happen DO NOT UNDO!
the best option is to close the file without saving and redo the last steps.

if your work is important, you should do daily (or even half daily) backups.